Ligue 1 betting

Get in on all the action in the Ligue 1 by betting on games of top teams like Paris Saint-Germain, Olympique Lyonnais, Olympique Marseille and AS Monaco. The Ligue 1 is no longer an upcoming league, it has quickly become one of the five best leagues in Europe. With big games almost every weekend and lots of regional derbies there’s more than enough to bet on. Check this week’s schedule and place your bets!

Lots of betting options

Betting on Ligue 1 football means betting on top teams and top players. Whether you want to predict the outcome of the game, the goal scorers or the amount of cards, you’ve come to the right place. Click on the match to see what the options are for that specific match. You can check the entire list of possible bets, or you can filter them by category. The categories are Main, Bet Builder, Combo Markets, Goals, Handicaps, Halves, Players and Fast.


Betfinal offers you appealing odds for all Ligue 1 bets. Build your bet by combining several options and increase your potential winnings. The outcome will be calculated based on European odds, please keep this in mind in case you use British or American odds. There can be a slight difference because of round-off errors.

Cash out

Secure your winnings or minimize your losses by using the cash out option while your bet is still active. For instance if you have a combined bet where three out of four games are settled in your favour and you feel a bit in doubt about the last one. The smaller the chance of your bet to succeed based on the current score, the less likely it is a cash out option is available.

Live betting

If you’re watching the game and you have a certain feeling about one of the teams, there is bound to be a live bet for you to enjoy. Check our schedule for all the matches that are currently being played. For many games we even offer you a free livestream so you don’t have to miss a thing!


Will favourites Paris Saint-Germain win the Ligue 1 this season, or do you think one of the outsiders has a better chance? Bet on the team you think will win the Ligue 1 or get your outrights bets in on whether or not a team finishes in the top four. You can also predict the team or teams relegating this season. Get your crystal ball out and place your bets!

Get in touch

For any questions regarding Ligue 1 betting please contact our customer service by using the chat option or send an e-mail. They are also available to answer questions about any of the other games on our website or for instance the payment methods.