Betting on the Primera División

The Primera División is Argentina’s premier football division and is at the top of the football league system of the country. The first championship was held in 1891, making Argentina one of the first countries to establish a football league. With 26 teams and a busy schedule, there are lots of games to bet on in the Primera División. Can you predict which team is going to be Argentina’s champion this season? Place a bet at Betfinal today.

Dozens of bets on a weekly basis

The Primera División consists of 26 teams, which means you’ll have a lot of betting opportunities during the season. Take your pick out of all the different available bets per game. Predict who’s going to be the winner of the match or bet on details such as cards, corners, and goal scorers. Raise the possible payout by combining several bets to build a bigger bet. If your predictions are correct we’ll reward your hard work with instant cash. Do you need some help with making predictions? Check out the statistics and have a look add the odds. The odds are set to the probability of an event to happen.


Any ideas on which Argentinian team is going to be the national champion this year? Is it going to be one of the all-time favorites, like River Plate or Boca Juniors or are we going to be surprised by an underdog this season? Place your bets before the start of the season and get rewarded if your predictions turn out to be true!

Cash out

Are you watching a match and got the feeling that the team you’ve placed a bet on is going to give away their lead? Check your bet to see if there’s a cash out offer available and bail out just in time. In this way, your bet will still be successful, but the outcome will be a bit lower. The money will quickly be added to your digital wallet, so you can place a new bet right away!

Payment methods and settlements

No one likes waiting for their money, right? At Betfinal you can instantly use your winnings. No delays nor restrictions will hold you from placing a new bet or withdrawing the money into your bank account. Do you want to add money to your balance? Use VISA or MasterCard as well as your e-wallet or platforms such as EcoPayz and MuchBetter.

The ultimate betting experience

You deserve the ultimate betting experience, so Betfinal offers high odds, lots of bet options, and a quick settlement. Watch all the matches of the Primera División live on our platform. Check the live page to see which games will be broadcasted at Betfinal.

If you have any questions or need additional information on our games, platform or service, feel free to contact us via e-mail or use our online chat. Enjoy your betting experience!